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Thank you for visiting.  Here you can find original pieces and arrangements for solo and duo guitar.  Please enjoy!                                                         



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1) Estudio Por Continuacion (after J.Sagreras)  (2005)

2) Guaymas Andante (Prelude No. 7)  (1996)

3) Prelude in B ( Prelude No. 4)  (2014)

4) Probe (Prelude No. 6)  (1998)

5) Snow Bossa (Prelude No. 5)  (2008)

6) Study For An Outdoor Evening (after M. Giuliani)  (2011)

7) White Orpheus (Prelude No. 3)  (2005)

8) Tombeau - apres J. Rodrigo   (2000)                                                 Published by Bergmann Edition

9) Brouwer and The Canon  (2011)                                                    Published by Bergmann Edition                                           

10) Theme and Variation (After N. Paganini)   (1998)

11) Nocturne (2016)

12) Domestic Bliss (Prelude No. 2)  (With Tabs!)  (2006)                             Solo or duet.

13) Da capo al fine  (Tremolo Study)   (2009)


1) Contrapartie for Gigue in Em:  G.A. Brescianello

2) Die Moldau:  B. Smetana

3) Die Moldau (with tabs!):  B. Smetana

4) Diferencias sobre "Guardame las vacas":  E. Valderrabano

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1) Gigue in Em (avec contrapartie): G.A. Brescianello/ S. Lytle

2) Humoreske. Op. 101, No. 7:  A. Dvorak 

3) Minor Setting of "Le Nid et la Rose": after F. Carulli, Op. 333, No.1

4) Two Fugues For Two Guitars:  W.F. Bach 


1) Cream Puff Blue (2009)


Sheet Music

  • Nocturne
  • Classical guitar
  • 7.00 USD


10 May 2016
Die Moldau has 18,000 views!
Thank you to those who have watched video and/or downloaded the sheet music. If you haven't had the chance, please check it, and my other videos out at . Musically, SL
09 Nov 2013
"Die Moldau" Has 14,000 views!
Hello all! My youtube video of Smetana's famous piece "Die Moldau" recently topped the 14,000 views mark! Thanks to each and every one of you who has viewed, commented or downloaded the sheet music! If you haven't had the chance, please check it, and my other videos out at . Musically, SL
18 May 2013
10 Best Classical Guitar Pieces of the 20th Century (part 2)
#6. The Princes Toys Suite - Nikita Koshkin A Musical Fairytale: children, be mindful... This is the piece that brought Russian guitarist-composer Nikita Koshkin world-wide recognition. It has gained immense popularity not only for its exceptional programmatic and musical elements, but also due to the captivating and definitive premiere recording by the brilliant Czech guitarist, Vladimir Mikulka, to whom the work is dedicated. "The Prince's Toys Suite" (1980) is a collection of pieces strung ...