18 May 2013
10 Best Classical Guitar Pieces of the 20th Century (part 2)
#6. The Princes Toys Suite - Nikita Koshkin A Musical Fairytale: children, be mindful... This is the piece that brought Russian guitarist-composer Nikita Koshkin world-wide recognition. It has gained immense popularity not only for its exceptional programmatic and musical elements, but also due to the captivating and definitive premiere recording by the brilliant Czech guitarist, Vladimir Mikulka, to whom the work is dedicated. "The Prince's Toys Suite" (1980) is a collection of pieces strung ...
14 Sep 2012
10 Best Classical Guitar Pieces (Part 1)... of the 20th Century
10 Best Classical Guitar Pieces (Part 1) ..of the 20th Century! To say the previous century saw a mere cultural 'Renaissance' would be a gross understatement. Huge advances in technology and communication paved the way to a totally new way of life. The old world faded and new ones speedily emerged. This provided a globally- influenced backdrop to which artists in diverse disciplines responded. The classical guitar was no exception. The sheer variety of styles accessible to composers was unlike ...