Two Fugues For Two Guitars, FK.311

  Two Fugues For Two Guitars  
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CompositorWilhelm Friedemann Bach
Solomon Lytle
EditoraSolomon Lytle
Gênero Clássico / Fuga
Instrumentação Guitarra clássica
Composição paraDueto
Tipo de composiçãoScore for two performers
chave Ré (D) maior
movimento(s) 1 para 2 de 2
duração 3'0"
dificuldade Difficult
Ano de composição 1776
descripção Taken from his "Eight Fuges Without A Pedal", these wonderful examples of the keyboard music of J.S. Bach's eldest son are hoped to become a welcomed addition to serious guitar duos.

These two masterpieces in miniature contain- in a highly compressed form- the musical ecstasy associated with the works of W.F. Bach's illustrious father.

I discovered them by accident at the Biblioteca Civica Torino in 1999. The ladies there were nice enough to photocopy.

As the series of eight begins with two pairs of major/parallel minor fugues, it seems natural to perform them, at least, as such. This is the second pair.

This edition is in standard notation with left hand fingerings, and one "D"-tuned guitar.


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