Probe (Prelude No.6)

  Probe (Prelude No.6)  
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КомпозиторSolomon Lytle
ИздательSolomon Lytle
Жанр Классика / Пьеса
Инструменты Классическая гитара
Состав исполнителейСоло
Тип нотДля одного исполнителя
Тональность Ре мажор
Части 1 до 1 из 1
Время звучания 1'10"
Уровень сложности Средний уровень
Год создания 1998
Описание This little piece was born in the Ligurian hills north of the town of Imperia, Italy.

Despite its brevity, it came naturally, and I had only the image of my high school chum, Trevor Rockwell, as my impetus.

At that time, I was semi-permanently engaged (musically) to the late and great northern Italian oboist, Giovanni "Sumiran" Caviglia in a summer concert series, who had written little "musical portraits" of some of his friends. This was something new to me at the time, and so I tried to follow through with my own attempt.

This piece survived a few developmental rewrites over the years, but the original vision has stayed clear.

It is hoped that each one of you who shows interest in this piece will play it once through.

Sincerely and Musically,


Ps. the last note is a type-o: should be A#
Дата публикации 03 мар 2014


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