Brouwer & The Fugue

  Brouwer & The Fugue  

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КомпозиторSolomon Lytle
ИздательSolomon Lytle
Жанр Классика / Современная
Инструменты Акустическая гитара
Состав исполнителейСоло
Тип нотДля одного исполнителя
Части 1 до 1 из 1
Время звучания 3'40"
Уровень сложности Сложно
Год создания 2011
Описание This somewhat sizeable, unusual and contemporary piece uses ostinatos in the bass, the intervals of the guitar's tuning, as well as the musical image, as it were, of the great Cuban guitar composer, Leo Brouwer, as inspiration.

I conceived the original ostinato idea while in a basement practice room at Dalhousie University in 2003. Over the next several years, I pieced to together seemingly random ideas from here and there, finally stitching it together in 2011.

The coda is really a canon but the title "Brouwer & The Canon" holds little charm for me, to say nothing of the undesirable connotations.


Дата публикации 27 май 2016


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