Contrepartie for 'Gigue in Em' by G.A. Brescianello

  Contrepartie for 'Gigue in Em' by G.A. Brescianello  
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КомпозиторSolomon Lytle
ИздательSolomon Lytle
Жанр Классика
Инструменты Классическая гитара
Состав исполнителейСоло
Тип нотВторая партия
Тональность Ми минор
Части 1 до 1 из 1
Время звучания 1'30"
Уровень сложности Средний уровень
Год создания 2000
Описание Author's note: This version is for those who are in possession of the original Brescianello piece. The complete duet version may be found in my score catalogue.

This original second guitar part to the beautiful Gigue by the Italian Baroque composer, Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello (ca.1690-1758), is from his "Partita in Em", which was written for the colascione: an instrument similar to the lute.

The practice of writing accompanying second parts to pre-existing solos was not unusual in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Examples of these "Contreparties" can be found in the works of Francesco Canova di Milano and Robert de Visee, to name only two.

Figured bass is, itself, a form of shorthand intended to provide only a basic outline of chords, and their inversions, with much interpretation and even improvisation left to the performer. Naturally, once a suitable accompaniment was created, all that remained was to commit it paper.

It is from these inclinations that the present work was created.

It is hoped this exercise proves interesting, and even inspiring, to fellow musicians as an contemporary demonstration of a musical convention which has certainly lost fashion with our contemporary and (dare we say) over-individualistic sensibilities.


Дата публикации 27 фев 2014


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