Estudio Por Continuacion (despues J. Sagreras)

  Estudio Por Continuacion (despues J. Sagreras)  
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Alternative title Companion to Leccion 34
ComposerSolomon Lytle
Solomon Lytle
PublisherSolomon Lytle
Genre Classical / Etude
Instrumentation Classical guitar
Scored forSolo
Type of scoreFor a single performer
Key G major
Movement(s) 2 to 2 from 2
Duration 2'30"
Difficulty Medium
Year of composition 2005
Description This etude is meant to be a companion piece to "Leccion 34" from Book 4 of Guitar Lessons by Julio S. Sagreras (published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc).

Sagreras set 16 beautiful measures in the key of Eminor. He employed the r-h pattern: 'p-a-m-i-p-i-m-a'. While studying this piece with Maestro Jeffrey McFadden at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto, I felt that it could be expanded upon, and so created my own exercise in the relative major, which utilizes the same r-h pattern.

As to performance, one can follow an A-B-A structure: Sagreras's lesson being 'A', and this piece being 'B', which makes a miniature Rondeau.

In addition to providing a more substantial technical exercise for both hands, I hope guitarists enjoy the music and prosper from this exercise.

My rendition can be found here:


Upload date 23 Feb 2014


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